Energy Law

Considering a competition that appears in the energy sector as well as variety of entities that deal with this sector, Law Office of „Świeca & Partners” LP offers complex legal counseling service for entrepreneurs from sectors as conventional electric power, gas industry, fuel fluent, district heating and renewable energy sources. Our service includes legal support in the field of all types of energy activity (production, transferring, distribution, storage and electricity and heating rotation). Our practice includes wide spectrum of matters connected with electric branch in the field of current counseling, case substitution, and representation in front of administrative institutions. Our lawyers deal with both supporting the clients in getting necessary licenses, writing legal opinions, making, analyzing and negotiating energy or fuels (including gas) sale agreements as well as access to the transmission and distribution networks, wind energy as well as representation of our clients in disputes and in front of the President of the Office of Energy Regulation and the Protection of Consumers and Competition Court.